Nobody is too sure where the word EDDA comes from. Its paradigm uses are the Poetic EDDA, some of the most interesting verse ever written, as well as very good stories; and the Prose EDDA, a prose treatise on what made this verse interesting, as well as what made the stories good.
In this spirit, EDDA is interested in form: its standards, its failures. EDDA is for writing that is verse, prose, verse & prose, and neither verse nor prose. EDDA would never tell you that writing refers. We're not even sure writing is for things, though we'd be open to your convincing us otherwise.
Writing has the capacity to make us unsure we know how to use language. Writing is always in the language of thought (that being, language). Writing is thus always exactly what it is like to have an experience.
Invent your own audience. Teach us a private language. Tell, don't show. As always, EDDA is
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